Our mission to kids at BPC

Glorifying God isn't just for teens and adults.  So, we make it a priority to help children catch a vision for who God is, how great his grace is, and the great plan he has for their little lives as they grow in grace and truth.  We want to see our children fulfill the vision of the church: reaching up to God in gospel commitment, reaching in toward each other in gospel community, and reaching out to others with gospel compassion. At Bible Pres we're also committed to partnering with moms and dads, equiping them to disciple their children with joy and confidence.


We want to ensure that parents feel comfortable and safe leaving their children under our care.


Every volunteer submits to a thorough background check. We train our volunteers about safety and security protocols.

Sunday School


The goal of our children's Sunday School classes is to help kids understand who Jesus is, see Jesus throughout the entire work of Scripture, and recognize that the gospel promotes not just raising "good kids" but children who see their daily need for God's grace in their lives.  It is our hope that as children study age-appropriate lessons from Scripture, learn Reformed catechism answers to life's most important questions, sing songs of worship, and learn biblical principles in a hands-on fashion, they would experience God's relentless pursuit of them through the grace given through His Son.  Our children's Sunday School classes meet year-round in the lower level of our facility.  To find out more, contact Paul or Ann.  

Children are welcome in our worship service


All children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary the entire service. Pew Pals (a bag full of quiet activities) and special children's sermon note pages are also available at the table near the entrance to our sanctuary to help children focus and get the most out of our service. Also, at least once a month Pastor Andy welcomes the children to come forward for a creative children's message to help them understand the big point of the sermon in a way they can understand.