New questions are uploaded one day prior to the Sunday when the  message is preached.  A hardcopy of these questions can be found on the Resource Table in the back of the BPC Sanctuary.

Title: The Advent of our Good Shepherd

Text: Micah 5:1-5


1. Why do you think 'remembering' is such a big theme in Scripture?  Why might we be especially prone to forget about God’s goodness, strength, and faithfulness?


2. Read Micah 5:1-2.  What led the Jews to so long for a hero to shepherd them?  What kind of leader did they likely want?  What was God up to in predicting a suffering servant (Isaiah 53) from a humble town instead?


3. Are you ever tempted to want Jesus to shepherd you differently than he is?  Share one uncomfortable aspect of your current journey about which the Lord is asking you to trust him.


4. Read Micah 5:3a.  What future pain would the Jews need to endure before the coming of the Messiah?  What was God’s purpose in that?


5. Read Micah 5:4a.  Why should it encourage us that our Shepherd is actively involved in our lives and knows every detail?  Read 5:5a.  How is Jesus our ultimate ‘peace’?