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Title: ”A Clear Vision"

Text:  Jeremiah 52


1. Andy began by telling the story of Nicholas, a man with presbyopia. Do you remember what was wrong with his eyes? How did corrective lenses transform his life for the better? Spiritually speaking, why does life get transformed in wonderful ways when we start seeing everything clearly - from God’s perspective?

2. Verses 1-30 retell the tragic story of King Zedekiah. Why should remembering his predecessor’s reign, King Jehoiakim, have compelled him to live righteously? Recount some of the devastation Jerusalem experienced when Babylon invaded in response to Zedekiah’s rebellion. Do you remember the repeated refrain underscoring the big point of these first thirty verses? Let me give you a hint: “Sin equals….”

3. Remember the Yew plant from Europe? Why did it cause livestock to die? How is the allure of sin like that? Share one way we can protect our hearts from sin’s allurement? How did Joseph do that in Genesis 39?

4. Read vv. 31-34. Why are the events described here surprising? What are they designed to make us think? What are they designed to make us feel? Name as many examples as you can of Evil-Merodach showing grace to Jehoiachin. What are some of the ways that Jesus’ grace to us is even greater?