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Title: The Motive for Missions

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21


1. Read the text together.  What stands out to you in these verses?


2. Verse 11 speaks of the fear of the Lord motivating us to persuade others about the gospel.  In what way is fearing the Lord a positive motivation - for missions and for all of life as Christians?


3. What further motive does verse 14 add?  Why is that so important as we think about supporting missions?


4. The "all" in verse 15 is likely speaking inclusively about the gospel being available for people from every tribe, language, and nation.  How should that inform our motives for supporting missions and give us a sense of God's global vision for his church?


5. Verse 17 is often quoted, but how does the specific context of evangelism and missions in this chapter inform how we should understand and apply this verse?


6. Verse 20 says we should think of ourselves how?  Spend some time praying about that.