New questions are uploaded one day prior to the Sunday when the  message is preached.  A hardcopy of these questions can be found on the Resource Table in the back of the BPC Sanctuary.

Title: “The way of wisdom under the sun”

Text:  Ecclesiastes 7


1. Share about one thing from the past couple of weeks which you would describe as ‘chaos.’  How did Andy’s story of his first day in basic training illustrate ‘controlled chaos?’  What was its purpose?  How do you feel when you realize that God is using our current chaos as a means to test our wisdom?

2. Read 7:2-4.  Usually we do everything we can to live in denial of our future death.  Name some ways we do that a culture.  Why is it actually wise and honorable to be able to look death in the face and accept it when our time is up?  How might the Coronavirus pandemic help us clarify what’s truly valuable in life?

3. Read 7:7-10.  These verses list some typical responses to pain and chaos: madness (v. 7), anger (v. 9), and nostalgia (v. 10).  Why is it tempting for us to resort to such responses in the midst of chaos?  How does the picture of God’s sovereignty in vv. 13-14 remind us that trusting God is a far better response?  Is he only the God of good times?  How can the Bible's surprising answer bring us peace in scary times?

4. Read 7:16-22.  In what ways does humility come to our rescue when the pressure of life mounts?  Do you think we're ever too concerned about what others think of us?  If so, what might that say about us?  Do you currently feel the pressure from certain groups of friends to respond in certain ways to the Coronavirus chaos?  How can godly humility rescue us from caring too much about what others think about how we respond?  Talk about that.

5. Spend some time praying for the supernatural peace of Jesus to grip our nation even more than Coronavirus fears.