New questions are uploaded one day prior to the Sunday when the  message is preached.  A hardcopy of these questions can be found on the Resource Table in the back of the BPC Sanctuary.

Title: “Obedience: the true test of trust”

Text:  Mark 9:42-10:12


1. Andy began by telling the story of a tax-evading man from Texas.  What was the point of his opening illustration?  How is our American penchant for independence a potential threat to following Jesus?

2. Read Mark 9:42-48.  According to these verses, how serious is sin?  In what ways do these graphic images drive that point home?  What exactly is sin, and why is it so important that we have that clear in our minds?

3. Read Mark 9:49-50.  What is the connection between fire/salt and avoiding sin?  Why does Jesus mention the importance of being at peace with others?  In what way does that dovetail with the real-life example of obedience given in the beginning of chapter ten?

4. Read Mark 10:1-5.  According to Jesus, what is the usual reason for divorce?  What exception does he supply in Matthew 19:9?  Why might that exception exist?

5. According to Genesis 2, who created marriage?  Why is that important?  Why is it significant that marriage is a covenant relationship?  How does that give you comfort?  According to Ephesians 5, how was Christian marriage designed to be an advertisement to the world about Jesus?  How does the J-Curve help arm us for those difficult seasons in our married lives?