New questions are uploaded one day prior to the Sunday when the  message is preached.  A hardcopy of these questions can be found inside the weekly bulletin.


Title: "A Solace for Our Suffering"


1. How did the Tom Hanks movie to which Andy alluded dovetail with John’s purpose in writing Revelation? Read vv. 9-11. How do these verses tip us off that Revelation is not only a book about the future but also about our present? Where else in Scripture do we discover that suffering as believers is not unusual but expected? What examples did Andy give from history?


2. Read vv. 10, 12-16. Why do you think many readers decide to give up on Revelation at this point? How do the writings of the Old Testament prophets help make sense of these images? When you remember Jesus’ sovereign power, what difference does his presence make in our seasons of suffering? How does that help us fight our temptation to worry?


3. Read vv. 17-18. Why would this description of Jesus have been so comforting for the first readers of Revelation? When you read the words, “Fear not!” how do you feel toward Jesus? What difference does it make that Christ holds the keys of death and hell?