God's vision for work, its brokenness, and ultimate renewal when Jesus returns

Genesis 1:26-28, Jeremiah 2:13, Isaiah 65


Though our culture typically sees work as a negative thing to avoid, the Bible's take on work is overwhelmingly positive.  Still, work lets us down when we look to it to do for us what only Jesus can do.  


Speaker: Andy Perry


Good Work

Exodus 20, Philippians 2, I Corinthians 7


It's nice that God has a wondrous vision for our work, but what should that look like on a practical level where the rubber meets the road of our daily vocations?  The Bible reveals three things that please God in our work.


Speaker: Andy Perry


Work in Hard Places

Nehemiah & I Kings 18

Sometimes work is hard; and sometimes that's because of where we work and who we work for.  This week two figures from the Old Testament show us what godly work in hard places looks like; one as a manager, and one as a servant.

Speaker: Andy Perry