Saved at last!

Mark - an introduction


Who wrote this Gospel?  Why was it written, and how does it give us hope that through Jesus we can be saved at last?


Speaker: Andy Perry


Good news indeed 

Mark 1:1-13

Have you ever wondered why Jesus equals such good news?  Mark begins his Gospel by unfolding for us why Jesus is the One we're waiting for.

Speaker: Andy Perry

Christ's life-changing call

Mark 1:14-20


Discover how Jesus calls us in three ways: how he calls us, the kingdom he calls us into, and the commitment he calls us to make.


Speaker: Andy Perry


Truly impressive

Mark 1:21-2:12


What makes Jesus the most impressive person to ever live?  According to Mark it's his power over our ignorance, demons, and guilt and shame.


Speaker: Andy Perry


Give it a Rest

Mark 2:23-3:6


Speaker: Rich Verano


Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?

Mark 3:20-35

Speaker: Rich Verano

Kingdom Parables

Mark 4:1-34


Speaker: Rich Verano